Allenwood Cattery

The Catteries are purpose-built for housing your pets and are maintained to a very high standard. All of our facilities have warm air central heating systems, double glazing and cavity wall insulation. This provides warm accommodation during the colder months and cool accommodation during the summer months. We also have several outdoor play pens for your cats to enjoy themselves and sunbathe on clear days. These pens are equipped with climbing frames and logs for scratching of claws.

Here at Allenwood

We provide plastic cat beds and fleece bedding for your cat's comfort but you can provide your own beds if you wish. We also provide food and water bowls, litter trays and cat litter. We are happy to feed our own complete foods or a variety of meat and biscuit combinations for your pet, however, we can also use your own food if provided. We do provide toys for your pets but you can bring along a scratching post or favourite toys if you wish.

Our Cattery

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Thank you all very much for looking after Mouse so well while we went away. She came home looking sleek and shiny with health, and had obviously had a very good holiday with you all!


Mrs Field

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